The Club Deportivo Sincro Ibiza has the pleasure to invite you to the I Mixed Championship Ibiza 2019 for duets/teams/combos on May 24-26th, 2019


Piscina Municipal Es Viver. C/ Sant Francesc de Ses Salines, s/n, 07800 Ibiza

General rules

In I Mixed Championship Ibiza, men and women will compete together.

Men must exercise same routine then women.

Age Categories:

Prealevin: <10

Alevin: 10-11

Infantil: 12-14

Junior: 15-19


Age shall be determined as of December 31 of the year of competition.

The competitors must be 20 in 2019. The average age of the competitors in a routine shall be determined by adding the ages of the actual swimmers, dividing by the number of swimmers (not including the reserves) and dropping any resulting fraction or decimal (For example, if the average age of a Team is 49.833, they would swim in the 35-49 age group).

There will be a category of 20 – 24 for duo, team and combo.

Anyway, the swimmers who are less than 25 years old can participate in a team of any categories; categories will be defined based on the average age of the team. If the average age is different for technical and free routine, the duet, or team compete in the youngest category.


Duet: 20-24, 25-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80 and + with age determined by the average age of the competitors.

Team: 20-24, 25-34, 35-49, 50-64, 65-79 and 80 and + with age determined by the average age of the competitors.

Combination 20-24,  25-39,  40-64 and 65 and + with age determined by the average age of the competitors.

Teams shall consist of a minimum of four (4) members and a maximum of eight (8) members. Combination shall consist of a minimum of four (4) members and a maximum of ten (10) members.

Categories for the competition will be determined after the preliminary entree.

Required elements for technical routine (see attached). We use the new FINA rule. (


No limitation in number of duos, teams, combos per category.

For an optimized organization, 1 judge per club is requested for clubs with less than 10 competitors, 2 judges are required for clubs with more than 10 competitors. PLEASE try to have one judge or more (even for a small part of the competition).


We will use MP3. Please send your music to before April, 28th. Please use a good name for the music: kind of routine-age group-club-names (for duo) or number (if there is more than on combo or team).

For example:

Duet_4049_SINCROIBIZA_Marcela Ribas_Juan Riera


The sound must be good because we can’t change it.

Bring a USB key with you to be sure.

Entry fees:


45 euros (Welcome pack, 2 routines, free water and fruits, Lunch on Saturday)

30 euros (Dinner party on Saturday)

10 euros (Lunch/Paella on Sunday)

Team manger/Coaches:

10 euros (Free water and fruits, Lunch on Saturday)

40 euros (Dinner party on Saturday)

10 euros (Lunch/Paella on Sunday)


10 euros (Lunch on Saturday)

40 euros (Dinner party on Saturday)

10 euros (Lunch/Paella on Sunday)

The fees must be paid before May 01. Club Deportivo Sincro Ibiza

IBAN : ES59 0061 0035 9901 3548 0116



Preliminary entry: March, 29th 2019.

Final entry:  April 28th 2019.

2019 Please find enclosed the Entry Form


A bar will be opened during all the competition with sandwiches, snacks, desserts and Drinks.


Marcela Ribas Cano / /  +34 607 54 68 81

With kind regards.

Marcela RibasFOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK (Club Deportivo Sincro Ibiza) and TWITER (@SincroIbiza)

Time Limits:

Free Routine DUO:

PREALEVIN-ALEVIN: 2 minutes 30 seconds

INFANTIL: 2 minutes 45 seconds

JUNIOR: 3 minutes 00 seconds

Free Routine TEAM and COMBO:

PREALEVIN-ALEVIN: 3 minutes 00 seconds 

INFANTIL: 3 minutes 30 seconds

JUNIOR: 4 minutes 00 seconds

Technical Routines Junior:

Technical Routine DUET: 2 minutes 20 seconds


Free Routine DUET: 3 minutes 00 seconds

Free Routine Team and COMBO:  4 minutes 00 seconds

Technical Routine DUET:  1 minutes 40 seconds

There shall be an allowance of fifteen (15) seconds less or plus the allotted time for Technical Routines, Free Routines and Combination


1.- From Front Pike Position the legs are lifted to Vertical Position as a rotation of 360° is executed. [DD 1.5]

2.- Ballet leg Sequence: A Ballet Leg is assumed followed by a rapid exchange to assume the opposite Ballet Leg as the vertical leg is lowered straight to horizontal. The horizontal leg is bent to assume a Surface Flamingo Position. The bent leg is straightened to a Ballet Leg Double Position. Maintaining the Ballet Leg Double Position, a rotation of 360° is executed. Travelling head first until the Ballet Leg Double Position is assumed. [DD 2.5]

3.- From a Submerged Back Pike Position with the legs perpendicular to the surface, a Barracuda Twirl is executed. [DD 2.4]

4.- From a Knight Position, maintaining the vertical alignment of the body, the horizontal leg is moved in a 180° arc at the surface of the water to assume a Fishtail Position. Maintaining the angle between the legs, the horizontal leg moves to vertical as the vertical leg simultaneously continuous its arc to the surface to assume a Knight Position. The vertical leg is lowered to assume a Surface Arch Position, with continuous motion a surface arch to back layout finish action is executed. [DD 2.2]

5.- From a Front Pike Position the legs are lifted to a Vertical Position -A Full Twist is executed as one leg is lowered to a Bent Knee Vertical Position, followed by a Continuous Spin of 720° (2 rotations) as the bent knee is joined to a Vertical Position. [DD 2.3]

6. The routine must contain only one lift, jump, or throw, which can be placed anywhere in the routine.

7. The routine must contain at least one connected action, which can be placed anywhere in the routine. Connected Action: the swimmers must be touching in some manner during the performance.

8. Required Elements #1 – #5 must be performed simultaneously and facing the same direction.



Supplementary elements may be added

Unless otherwise specified in the description of an element:

• All figures or components thereof shall be executed according to the

requirements described in this Appendix.

• All elements shall be executed high and controlled in uniform motion with

each section clearly defined.

Swimwear shall be black and the competitor shall wear a white cap.


Elements 1 – 5 MUST be performed in the order listed.

1.- FISHTAIL – from a Front Layout Position, a Front Pike Position is assumed; one leg is lifted to a Fishtail Position, the second leg is lifted to a Vertical Position (ending is optional).[DD 1.9]

2.- SPLIT POSITION – followed by a walkout front or walkout back. [DD 1.9]

3.- SPINNING 180° – From a Bent Knee Position, a Spin 180° is executed as the legs are joined to a Vertical Position at the ankles followed by submergence.[DD 1.5]

4.- TRAVELLING BALLET LEG COMBINATION – Beginning in a Back Layout Position to include any 2 of the following positions – Bent Knee Back Layout, rightBent Knee Back Layout, leftBallet Leg, leftBallet Leg, rightFlamingo Position, leftFlamingo Position, rightBallet Leg Double[DD 2.4]

5.- BARRACUDA BENT KNEE – From the Back Pike Position with the legs perpendicular and the toes just below the surface, a Thrust is executed as one leg is drawn along the inside of the other extended leg to assume a Bent Knee Vertical Position. A Vertical Descent is executed in a Bent Knee Vertical Position at the same tempo as the Thrust. [DD 1.8]

Elements 6 – 7 may be executed at any time during the routine

6.- TWO (2) FORMS OF PROPULSION – Must include Egg Beater travelling sideways and/or forward (arms optional)

7.- JOINED ACTION – Where the swimmers are connected (touching) in some manner to perform on of the following:

• A connected figure or a connected float or connected stroking

• Action must be performed simultaneously. Minor action is permitted.

• Stacks, lifts, platforms, throws are not permitted.

With the exception of the DECK WORK and ENTRY and as noted in the JOINED ACTION, all elements, required and supplementary, MUST be performed simultaneously and facing the same direction by both swimmers, Variation in propulsion and direction facing are permitted during pattern changes.

Schedule :  

Friday, 24th

Registration – Part 1

Pool Open

Team manager and Jury meeting

Warming up

Technical routine – Solo (men)

Warming up

Technical routine Mixed Duet

Warming up

Technical routine Duet (men)

End Day 1

Saturday, 25th

Registration – Part 2

Pool Open

Team manager and Jury meeting

Opening Ceremony – Part 1

Warming up

Free routine Solo (men)

Warming up

Free routine Duet (men)

Warming up

Free routine Mixed Duet


Open Ceremony – Part 2

Warming up

Free routine Team (men)

 Warming up

Free routine Multi (men)

Warming up

Free routine Combination (men)

Ceremony  Men´s Cup Trophy

End Day 2

Sunday, 26th

Pool Open

Team manager and Jury meeting

Warming up

Free routine Mixed Combination

Warming up

Free routine Mixed Team


End Competition

We are in contact with several Hotels in Ibiza Town, with special prices for the event:

·         Hotel Royal Plaza Tel.: +34 971 31 00 00 /

·         Sirenis Hotel Goleta & Spa Tel: +34 971 31 25 12 /

·         Hotel Migjorn Tel.: +34 971 39 35 73 /

·         Hotel Argos Tel.: +34 971 312 162 -101 /